Working with Jenni has not been about her hypnotising me to do things!!  It’s been all about focusing on positives – positive thinking, positive actions and positive interactions.  These are so powerful and have given me back a great sense of the JOY to be experienced from my life.  My confidence and self esteem have been greatly enhanced, I have much more energy due to good sleep and a more active lifestyle and I’m so happy!  I can honestly say that I like myself more as a result of my hypnotherapy, thank you so much Jenni.

Freedom from phobia

I went to see Jenni about a spider phobia……I was watching out for spiders everywhere.  It was exhausting!!!  I would feel sick, breathless and anxious most of the time.  After I had 4 sessions with Jenni I can honestly say she has given me the gift of freedom from these feelings.  I honestly don’t think about spiders anymore and doing normal chores has become so easy!  When I see a spider now I have the confidence to deal with it rather than have a mini breakdown!!  I can’t thank Jenni enough for what she has done for me.

Highly recommended!

I had been on anti-depressants on and off for nearly 20 years but was still experiencing anxiety and confidence issues.  I had tried cognitive behavioural therapy, but all to no avail so this was a last resort, and to be honest I didn’t really think it would be of any help but I had nothing to lose.  Jenni was fantastic and it is probably the best thing I ever did!  She helped me to understand how I was hindering my own recovery and was very supportive during the whole process.  I am now medication free for over 2 months and more importantly I now have the tools to stay that way.  Highly recommended!