About Jenni

Jenni has worked in the public sector for over 15 years and throughout her career has helped a wide variety of people to improve their lives.

Jenni graduated from the University of Ulster with a degree in Psychology and she pursued further study with the University of Ulster in 2011 when she completed the Certificate in Counselling Studies.

It was in 2015 when Jenni qualified as a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, that she found her true passion, which led her to pursue a career in hypnotherapy.

Jenni trained at the prestigious Clifton Practice School of Hypnotherapy based in Bristol, who provide the gold standard in hypnotherapy training and are regarded as a Centre of Excellence.  The training included 100+ hours of practical clinical sessions with clients as well as 120 hours of classroom based training.  Jenni is one of the first Solution Focused Hypnotherapists qualified and practising in Northern Ireland.

I have finally found a career where I can make a real difference to the life of someone else in a real and tangible way and this is truly rewarding for me.  Hypnotherapy has changed my life and I look forward to helping others to do the same.